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Via Del Pellegrino
Rome, Roma

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Penthouse Historic Center - Via del Pellegrino - A few meters from Piazza della Cancelleria, Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Farnese, inside in a period building with a Renaissance work of art by Polidoro da Caravaggio, we offer for rent a penthouse of about 90 square meters inside and 30 square meters of panoramic terrace, located on the 3rd floor. The apartment, very quiet, consists of a beautiful living room with original pompadour period fireplace, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom with hammam. The terrace is the other main place of the house: 30 square meters of absolute peace overlooking the Roman roofs and the English College. The palace, dating back to the 1400s, is one of the most fascinating in the Parione District, especially for its historical /artistic value, currently without an elevator. The property is the perfect choice for an art-loving couple who want to live and enjoy the beauties that the Rione offers, all within walking distance. The property is located in the Rule Ward. The name comes from Renula, that is, from that soft kidney that even today the Tiber river deposits during the floods. The coat of arms of the ward is a rampant deer in the Turquoise field. The inhabitants said to us (when the wards still had a social identity) Regulating. During the period of ancient Rome, this area belonged to the Campo Marzio. In particular, in the current Rule there was the Trigarium, that is, the stadium where the aurighi that mounted the triga were trained, which was a chariot pulled by three horses. According to the political subdivision that made Augustus of Imperial Rome, the current Rule was part of the 9th region called Circus Flaminius. In the Middle Ages it became part of the IV of the seven ecclesiastical regions, although at that time the boundaries of the districts were not very clearly delimited. Also due to the frequent floods of the Tiber, much of the area was swampy, and was reclaimed towards the end of the Middle Ages. In 1586, when the Borgo district was created, the districts became 14 and Regola became the VII under the name of Arenule et Chacabariorum (also "Arenule" derives from Renula); this name still partly survived with the modern Via Arenula. The construction of the Tiber walls of 1875 radically changed the face of the ward, erasing all that reality that had been built around the river over the centuries. At our civic, there is the 15th-century house inhabited, in 1475, by Vannozza de' Cattanei, the mistress of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, then pope with the name of Alexander VI. Cesare Borgia was most likely born here. Later the house was purchased by the Peretti; their coat of arms is evoked in the decoration of the windows with heraldic elements depicting a lion supporting a branch of pere, in addition to the decorative motifs of the star and lily. The street currently welcomes boutiques and antique shops. The condominium expenses are about 90 Euros per month, the heating is autonomous.


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