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USD 1,525,410

Via Alcide De Gasperi
Monteroni di Lecce, Lecce

Beds 9
Rooms 34

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In the so-called "Valle della Cupa", an area located in the west part of Lecce and characterized by the presence of ancient noble villas and farms surrounded by greenery, we are delighted to offer for sale an ancient monumental Villa, known as "Villa Carrelli Palombi" or "Villa Misrachi", of about 1.500 sqm surrounded by a beautiful large garden of about 3 hectares.
This beautiful villa dates back to the early 1800s and it boasts the presence of a wonderful camphor tree which is one of the oldest one in Europe.
The villa consists of a two-storey rectangular-shaped building characterized by two beautiful terraces on the two sides of the facade and an eclectic architectural style that combines Renaissance, medieval and even oriental elements.
The building consists of a total of 33 rooms including large halls, bedrooms and bathrooms.
On the ground floor there are some storages and a large kitchen that keeps the charming original structure intact; the facade of the ground floor features seven beautiful pointed arches that frame the windows and the two access doors.
In particular, the door located at the center of the façade, decorated with the coat of arms in "pietra leccese" of the Carrelli Palombi dukes, provides access to the staircase leading to the main floor where the actual residence develops. It is characterized by various wondeful rooms located one after the other which are decorated by beatiful frescoed ceilings in a yellow-gold color and with decorative elements which are typical of late nineteenth-century eclecticism.
The historical information available, dating back to the early nineteenth century, identifies the first owners in the sisters Angela and Giuseppina Stabile; at that time, the Villa still consisted of only 7 rooms and a garden with a vineyard.
A few years later the property was transferred to the dukes Carrelli Palombi: at that time the building was transformed into a holiday home and the garden took on the appearance of a real forest.
However, it will be with the following owners that the Villa and the garden will assume the current aspect.
In fact, around the early 1930s, the Greek magnate of Jewish origin Giorgio Elia Misrachi took part in the setting up of the garden with the help of the Florentine landscape architect Pietro Porcinai who created different sectors (at least 14) and added some exotic plants (including agaves, palms and eucalyptus) in addition to those already present.
On the two sides of the driveway there are a beautiful citrus grove and an Italian garden.
There is also an English garden with a Baroque-style entrance and a wooded area with holm oaks and cypresses in which we find an artificial cave used as a place of worship.
Behind the villa there is the secret garden that contains the beautiful camphor three, probably dating back to 1700. This plant has a majestic foliage of about 30 meters in diameter and is considered to be the second oldest one in Europe.
The fencing wall of the secret garden is characterized by very unique pillars which remind of ancient amphorae and are also present in the famous Villa Reale in Lecce, which was the historic main residence of the Carrelli Palombi dukes.
As evidence of the artistic and cultural value of this wonderful Villa and to protect its historical and architectural identity, the Monuments and Fine Arts Office has placed some "restrictions" on the entire property, thus confirming but certainly also increasing the uniqueness of this historical asset and its immeasurable charm.
Monteroni is 7 km from Lecce, 20 km from the Ionian Sea, 37 km from Gallipoli, 50 km from Otranto, 35 km from Brindisi airport.

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